Track does not return radio stream title

I am playing some radio streams, by putting their url-s in a playlist like this:
In file Internet Radio.m3u:

The stream is played, but no stream info is gathered into the Track objects returned by mopidy. This worked in mopidy 2, my client could get a stream name/title to which it updated the ui; now (on mopidy 3) this is gone, the only attribute of the returned Track is the uri. What can I do here?

I also don’t know how to parse some .pls files, given by my radio streaming service. I’ve read that Mopidy can parse these, but have no idea how. There is no one example, the documentation is very succint at some places.

Many thanks,

Need more information. What frontend, what commands are being used?

Also, in which version of Mopidy 2 did this work?

Sorry, I have to take back my stance :wink: I am developing my own front-end, and got a bit mislead by my mistake. But it is OK now, the track reports the station name from the stream, and everything works.

Btw, do you know how can I parse a .pls file with mopidy?

We have internal methods to parse .pls files which are used by the Stream Backend. If you play a stream that points to a .pls file, that playlist file will be parsed and the first working URI found is used for playback. Other Backends (e.g. Mopidy-TuneIn) define their own implementations for parsing .pls files. But we do not have anything in the Core API to expose that functionality to frontends.

I guess we could have a Mopidy-PLS backend, which provided the tracks similar to Mopidy-M3u. But nobody has written that (yet).

Thanks. To play the first URI is not so interesting, a Mopidy-PLS backend, as you suggested would be more useful. But I don’t think it’s important, either.