Buttons at bottom right of 'Now Playing' screen


Could someone confirm what the buttons at the bottom right hand side of the ‘Now Playing’ screen do.

The first one is two arrows twisting and overlapping each other, which I guess would be shuffle.

The second one is an arrow going round in a circle, which I guess is repeat.

The third one as and up/down arrow, but I am not sure what this is.

Could someone confirm what these arrows mean.


If you hover your mouse over them you’ll see they are shuffle, repeat,
consume and random. Not in that order.


Thank you for your reply.

I did try hovering the mouse over the buttons previously before posting this
question, but nothing displayed to tell me what they where. Perhaps my
browser (Chrome) does not allow this info to be displayed.

I will try again tonight and wait for longer to see if anything is displayed.

Thanks again.

I remember updating the mouseover stuff some time ago. It should work in

I don’t get anything with mouseover either - I’m using chrome.


Just tried again now at home and I don’t get anything on MouseOver still.

I have looked at the source code and can now see what the buttons do.

<p id="buttons" style="float:right; margin-top: 20px; margin-right: 5px;">
            <a href="#" onclick="doRandom(); return false"><i class="fa fa-random" id="randombt"></i></a>
            &nbsp; <a href="#" onclick="doRepeat(); return false"><i class="fa fa-repeat" id="repeatbt"></i></a>
            &nbsp; <a href="#" onclick="doShuffle(); return false"><i class="fa fa-arrows-v" id="shufflebt"></i></a>

So Looks like:

1st Button is 'Random
2nd Button is: 'Repeat
3rd Button is: ‘Shuffle

Does ‘Shuffle’ shuffle the song positions within the Queue?

Shuffle will put your current tracklist in a random order. The Mopidy
documentation may have more details. Are you guys using the latest release?

I think so, how do I find out?

‘mopidy deps’ or ‘pip freeze’ or even just ‘pip install -u
Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient’. Or possibly -U, I can’t remember the option to

That didn’t work very well, u isn’t recognized and after running it with U Musicbox was unavailable from the web interface, so I downloaded, installed and tried both latest versions, 0.6RC and 0.6. Still don’t get the pop ups showing in either Chrome or IE. I have allowed popups in Chrome.
The only thing that changes in Chrome, when hovering over the 3 options is that musicbox.local/# appears on bottom right of page.

Hmm sorry im not sure what’s going on there. I’m away on holiday right now
with a very sporadic net connection so I’ll have to look into this when I
get back.

Sorry didn’t mean to bother you on holiday - it’s not really an issue as I now know what they do. Enjoy the rest of your break.


I am using ver 0.6RC.