Hello from Germany and thanks for this cool Musicbox solution, question about GPIO button and LED´s

hello, i´m from germany and i´m in Hifi hobby since the late 1980´s, but i´m new in Raspberry and Python.
i have found a defect Sonos 5 on ebay and i want to integrate a PiMusicbox into it to replace the Sonos electronics.
So i opened it up and extract all the Sonos boards.
then i ordered a 2.1 amp at amazon and put it together with my Pi 3. Everything works fine for me.
Now the Sonos has 3 buttons on top for vol+, vol- and play/pause and also 4 LED´s in white, orange, red and green.
Now i thought about using the buttons for controlling the PiMusicbox over the GPIO.
i have a little expierience in Python, but because of my work in industrial automation and building control i have more in Microsoft .net.
Is it possible to get the buttons work with PiMusicbox? Play/Pause , vol+ and vol- schould work as default, but vol.+ and vol- long pressed should work as next/previous. And even the red LED should work as play indication, mabe the green one if PiMusicbox is booted up completely and the white one if WLAN is not connected.

I think it would be nice to have these functions, did anyone even managed this on his PiMusicbox?

I have testet the GPIO with some scripts from the internet and they worked fine, but i can´t get them to work together with the PiMusicbox. I have tried to install “festival” like one has written here in the forum, but the package seems not been online anymore?

Thanks for your help in advance,

i have found some help online and i get Play/Pause working also as next and previous, but there is a big time lag between pressing the button and the reaction in PiMusicbox.
Also i can´t get Vol+ and Vol- to work.
the python script command for “play/pause” is os.system(“mpc toggle”) , or for “Next” it is os.system(“mpc next”) so far o good.
But how can i read a longpress and shortpress for example., and did one know about “Vol +5” oder “Vol-5”?
Kregards, Omega24V