Mopidy via Icecast Stream Dropping

I’m using Mopidy to output audio to Icecast which is then streamed. I get an Icecast problem where it periodically drops the connection due to the listener client not keeping up.

Is anyone else using Mopidy in this way? Have you seen this problem and what have you done to mitigate it if so?

I’ve followed what Icecast advice I could find like increasing queue_size, and reducing the audio output bitrate in Mopidy. I was wondering if there was anything else to try, like increasing the port speed of the server, or anything else anyone might be doing.

Are you using the latest version of gstreamer available for your distribution? Does the GST_DEBUG logging reveal anything more?

I believe I am using the latest version of gstreamer for my distro. I don’t know how to use GST_DEBUG logging. What should I do?

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