Mopidy is not playing with icecast2


Hi everyone,
I’m using mopidy with icecast2 in xubuntu 18.04.
When I configure mopidy with output = autoaudiosink it is all right and mopidy plays using PC speakers.
But when I configure mopidy to output via icecast2, using the output configuration suggested into documentation, mopidy freezes the playing as a paused action with no pause event required.
I try to use the same output configuration directly with gst-launch command and all it’s ok, the song is playing.
Any idea about it?
Thank you in advance


If you provide your mopidy deps, mopidy config and a debug log that would likely help someone trying to answer this.


Ok, see below.

$ mopidy deps
Executable: /usr/bin/mopidy
Platform: Linux-4.15.0-20-generic-i686-with-Ubuntu-18.04-bionic
Python: CPython 2.7.15rc1 from /usr/lib/python2.7
Mopidy: 2.1.0 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages
Mopidy-Simple-Webclient: 0.1.1 from /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages
Mopidy>=0.19.4: 2.1.0 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages
setuptools: 39.0.1 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages
GStreamer: from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi
Detailed information:
Python wrapper: python-gi 3.26.1
Relevant elements:
Not found:

$ mopidy config
cache_dir = $XDG_CACHE_DIR/mopidy
config_dir = $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/mopidy
data_dir = $XDG_DATA_DIR/mopidy
max_tracklist_length = 10000
restore_state = false

color = true
console_format = %(levelname)-8s %(message)s
debug_format = %(levelname)-8s %(asctime)s [%(process)d:%(threadName)s] %(name)s\n %(message)s
debug_file = /tmp/mopidy.log
config_file =

mixer = software
mixer_volume = 100
output = lamemp3enc ! shout2send mount=mopidy ip= port=8000 password=hackme
buffer_time =

scheme =
hostname =
port =
username =
password =

enabled = true

enabled = true
hostname =
port = 6600
password =
max_connections = 20
connection_timeout = 60
zeroconf = Mopidy MPD server on $hostname
command_blacklist =
default_playlist_scheme = m3u

enabled = true
hostname =
port = 6680
static_dir =
zeroconf = Mopidy HTTP server on $hostname

enabled = true
protocols =
metadata_blacklist =
timeout = 5000

enabled = true
base_dir = /media/elleNAS/music/Test/playlists
default_encoding = UTF-8
default_extension = .m3u
playlists_dir = /media/elleNAS/music/Test/playlists

enabled = true

enabled = true
media_dirs =
excluded_file_extensions =
show_dotfiles = false
follow_symlinks = false
metadata_timeout = 2000

enabled = true
library = json
media_dir = /media/elleNAS/music/Test
scan_timeout = 2000
scan_flush_threshold = 100
scan_follow_symlinks = false
excluded_file_extensions =

These are mopidy log and gstreamer log:

INFO Starting Mopidy 2.1.0
INFO Loading config from builtin defaults
INFO Loading config from /home/lazzaro/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf
INFO Loading config from command line options
INFO Enabled extensions: mpd, http, stream, m3u, simple-webclient, softwaremixer, file, local
INFO Disabled extensions: none
INFO Starting Mopidy mixer: SoftwareMixer
INFO Mixer volume set to 100
INFO Starting Mopidy audio
INFO Starting Mopidy backends: StreamBackend, M3UBackend, FileBackend, LocalBackend
INFO Loaded 1 local tracks using json
INFO Audio output set to “lamemp3enc ! shout2send mount=mopidy ip= port=8000 password=hackme”
INFO Starting Mopidy core
INFO Starting Mopidy frontends: MpdFrontend, HttpFrontend
INFO MPD server running at [::ffff:]:6600
INFO Starting GLib mainloop
INFO HTTP server running at [::ffff:]:6680
INFO New MPD connection from [::ffff:]:57630

0:00:13.113777064 3374 0x14f5140 WARN
basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3583:gst_base_src_start_complete: pad not activated yet
0:00:13.120721754 3374 0x14f5140 WARN
basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3583:gst_base_src_start_complete: pad not activated yet
0:00:13.235278420 3374 0x1009a60 WARN audio-resampler audio-resampler.c:274:convert_taps_gint16_c: can’t find exact taps


Please provide full logs. For Mopidy it needs to be a a debug log -


The Mopidy debug log is here
The Gstreamer log is here


Just an update:
I’m using ncmpc as client and I noted that the selected song remains in “playing” status, with play time fixed to zero, and no sound via icecast2 server. But, in this situation always using ncmpc, if I hit “f” key (that is seek forward in playing song) then the play time starts and also the sound is available via icecast2. A bit strange …
Can anyone help me to understand what is the problem?
Thank you in advance


Same problem. Maybe write as issue on the github?


Any solution to this? I seem to have the same issue.

I have multiple MPD instances that shouts to the same local Icecast server, and I can stream from the perfectly. But I cant get Mopidy to work with my Icecast2 server :frowning: I get 404 when I try to setup mount.

It does not mount to Icecast as far as I can tell.


@germain, does that really sound like the same problem as described in the original post? Yours sounds more fundamental. Note that you can test a generic gstreamer shoutcast setup with:

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! audioresample ! lamemp3enc ! shout2send mount=/mopidy ip=<SERVER_IP> port=<PORT> password=<PASSWORD>

Unless this really is the same problem, please start a new thread for further debugging. If you can’t get the above gst-launch example to work you might find better help at #icecast.


That line works for me on my Icecast.

I think my issue is the same because when I press play , it says playing in ncmpcpp but the time is always at 0.

This is a pc where I do not have direct access so I cant test the actual sound card, but I am able to forward the sound via pulseaudio, and mopidy can play to remote pulseaudio. So this is something about mopidy not liking the provided lines for output.