Issues between mopidy and icecast


i am using mopidy to stream to icecast2 like this:

 output = audioconvert ! audioresample ! lamemp3enc bitrate=320 ! shout2send async=false mount=mopidy ip=..... port=8000 password=.....

and icecast is configured like this:


silence is present and working, although, in order to verify the difference between silence and nothing, it is actually just a regular mp3 with some music.

clients are both a browser (firefox) and vlc.

1 these cases are working:

  • (A) if i kill the mopidy process (kill -9 $PID), then clients fall back to “silence.mp3”.
  • (B) if i connect to icecast while mopidy is NOT playing, i get the “silence.mp3”
  • (C) if mopidy starts playing while the client is on the fallback, the client will switch away from the fallback

2 these cases are not working:

  • (A) if mopidy stops playing (e.g. end of playlist is reached), i do NOT get the fallback stream
  • (B) if mopidy starts playing again after being killed (1.A) the client stays on the fallback.

now, obvisously, this may very will purely an icecast issue (i dont know). but at least the difference between 1.A and 2.A is a bit … interesting.

I can’t be much help here but are you using a working version of Icecast i.e. the one referenced in the Mopidy docs?

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