BBC National Radio Stations (?)

Hope its ok to post - I cant find any of the BBC National Radio stations using a search - i have looked through TuneIn and can find the local ones, but no Radio 2, 4 etc.

This is probably a basic question but what am i missing, looking to add the stations to a playlist…

Any help would be really appreciated,


Tunein search is terrible, can’t do much about that I am afraid. They use some arbitrary ever-changing ranking system when providing results, it’s awful and never what you want. You might be able to find those stations by browsing. Otherwise you can try and find them on the full tunein website and then grab the station ids for use with Mopidy-TuneIn. And yes, you might find searching on the tunein website works much better but I don’t know what API they use internally, maybe a private one that actually works.

Thanks for the reply - searching elswhere and grabbing the ids is a good idea…