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BBC Retiring WMA Streams, HLS Only (New Working Streams Found)

Hi all,
Firstly, I’m a mere diletante with Mopidy, so I come with cap in hand. Unfortunately, the BBC are turning off all their WMA streams by the end of the month, and HLS m3u8 will be the only way to listen.

I’ve repeatedly tried to play the streams to on Mopidy, but met with “radio silence”. I see that another poster, Profile - jussbba - Mopidy Discourse , had trouble a couple of years ago. Has there been any development since?

Losing the BBC streams would be quite a blow, sadly. Thanks for any help.

Hi all, after looking around I found this post for new BBC streams, in particular this post was interesting to me.

These worked for me on Mopidy, so I hope that helps anyone else after the BBC radio streams after the end of the month.


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