Bass/treble settings or simple equalizer for HifiBerry DAC+?

Is there any way to change the bass/treble for output through a HigiBerry DAC+ using software settings or is that simply not possible?

I checked the output of the ‘amixer’-command and did not notice any mixer control settings for bass or treble. or one of the other gstreamer “equalizers” is likely what you are looking for.

So you just need to set the mopidy audio output config to output = equalizer-10bands band2=3.0 ! alsasink or something along those lines.

Hi! I’m very interested in this too - I’m using a USB speaker amp which is way off.

Is there any way to set the bands on the equaliser dynamically (I’m happy to do this via the command prompt). As I understand it, to hear changes at the moment I have to reboot the Pi, which takes 10 minutes or so as mopidy insists on scanning all my music before the UI comes up.

Trying to figure out nice eq settings that way would be a nightmare.

Ok, sorted. You just need to do:

gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=fav.mp3 ! mad ! audioconvert ! equalizer-3bands band0=0 band1=6 band2=0 ! alsasink

Where fav.mp3 is your test music file. I used the 3 band eq here just because realistically it’s all I think anyone could be bothered with working out this way.

Then you take the equalizer-3bands... ! alsasink bit and stick it after output= in settings.txt

There is also which would give you more control.