Auto start web client


I’ve installed several web cilent, and all works fine.
I’m using mopidy as a service.
My question:is it somehow possible to configure which should automatically start: (e.g after a reboot)
I’m using raspberry pi3


I’m not sure what you mean, I believe they all start and it’s up to you to choose which one to use i.e. if you want to use iris you would put into the browser bar then save it as a favourite
For mopidy party or
for mopidy musicbox webclient

Obviously change the ip address to the one given to your pi or use the nameofpi.local:6680

If you mean you want music to start playing automatically on reboot post back

@Steve_Lambert: You are right I need only put the name of the client :)))
Sorry,It was a stupid question from me…:slight_smile:

Are you familiar with jukepi client?
I’m wondering when I select this it does not see any playlist or local mp3 files, but the other two (party, simple) see?

No sorry, I’ve not used it. Have just installed it to try, but it keeps hanging.