Start as a Service & Auto-start specifi playlist

I’m running Mopidy on a headless Raspberry Pi connected to ethernet and a front-of-house audio mixer. Every time I turn the RPi on I want it to start the same private playlist. I was able to get the playlists working perfectly with the fix/web-api-playlists-v2 branch using the UI and MPDroid on my phone.

What I’d like to know: Is there a way to set this all up so Mopidy, using Mopidy-Spotify, automatically starts playing my specific playlist every time Mopidy starts from systemctl?

There isn’t anything that does this as part of Mopidy. We don’t currently have any mechanism to notify when backends are ready. If you search on this forum you will find workaround bash scripts to implement this kind of autoplay functionality. They basically just poll Mopidy via MPD until it looks like playlists have finished loading, they are a bit hacky.