Art for LOCAL files on Mopidy-Touchscreen?

if i play local media through a playlist that i created with mpd/mpc:

mpc clear
mpc -w update
mpc listall | mpc add
mpc save allmusic

and then through mopidy i select the playlsit, Mopidy-Touchscreen has the title of the song but says Unknown Artist and Unknown Title and has no playing time. if i play the SAME song through the local media tab, it has playing time and artist and album but im still NOT seeing album art from local files.

as far as i can tell, the playlist is the only way to play ALL my local music on random. so this and album art is what is holding me back from actually using Mopidy and Mopidy-Spotify and Mopidy-Touchscreen as my main system. anyone have any ideas? does anyone have a working Mopidy-Touchscreen config that shows cover art for local files?

Mopidy-Touchscreen uses the images provided by mopidy. I have not checked with local tracks (It is tested with spotify) but it should work using an extension like mopidy-local-images.

For the playlists showing unknown artist names problem, I do not know what is happening. I will try to check it.