WIP: An Android Material themed web extension


You’ll probably notice this is my first post but I’ve been playing with Mopidy for a bit on my pi and trying to build it into some vintage radios for myself and some friends and in the process decided I wanted something a bit different from a web extension so I’ve built something slightly flashy but also quite cut down - just concentrating on the streaming extensions I’ll install.

I started from a Pi Musicbox image but updated Mopidy to the latest version and this extension has a dependency on 1.0.0 for some of it’s API calls.

Some screens here

and the code here

You can download to install locally.

This is very much an alpha version with some unfinished bits and rough edges but I’m really loving the Mopidy + Musicbox projects and appreciate how much work has gone into them so just wanted to give something back to the community.

Feedback and requests appreciated. I’ve only installed this locally so far but when it’s in a bit better shape I’ll put it onto pypi for people who don’t want the hacky install method.