ANNOUNCEMENT: Pi Musicbox v0.7.0RC6

Available at

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ support
  • Librespot updated to v20180313-9d9c311
  • Updated Linux kernel to v4.14.26
  • Fixed missing Allo Boss DAC firmware files
  • Added support for Audioinjector soundcards
  • Fixed boot loop when soundcard not found
  • Removed Mopidy-Subsonic (unmaintained)
  • Fixed Mopidy-Spotify search
  • Mopidy-YouTube search is currently BROKEN

Hi Kingosticks,

Thx again, downloaded it, in the changelog it was filed under v0.7.0RC6 (2017-03-20), shouldn’t this be 2018?


Yeh, oops. Thanks for point that out.