Start a spotify playlist or tunein station over HTTP


I would like to start a certain spotify playlist or tune-in station from a http I send from my phone.

I know I could use mp droid or another client or the webclient, but that takes to long to my liking.

So is it possible to have 1 url to start a certain tune-in station?

thank you very much.

As the Mopidy documentation states, the HTTP extension exposes the Core API. The Core API has no single method to do what you want. You’ll need to send two POST requests: one to add the station/song to the tracklist and then another request to start playback. If really you want to do what you describe then you’ll need to make your own simple web extension.

For the record: We’ve talked about making work without first having to add the track to the playlist. This will be probably be a reality in Mopidy 2.0 at the latest.

Thanks for the explanation.
2 URLs won’t be a problem either

Now to figure out how the URLs need to be constructed.

Thanks again.

hi all,

After trying some time, I just can’t seem to get it right.
(like http://localhost:6680/mopidy/rpc?jsonrpc=2.0&id=1&method=TracklistController.add(None,None,tunein:station:sXXXXX,None) )

What 2 URL’s should I need to use to start tune in station “tunein:station:sXXXXX”

Thanks a lot.

Your problem there is that you are trying to do HTTP GET requests and not POST requests as previously stated.