Mopidy with Iris and Tunein

I have Mopidy working with Iris and have added the Tunein extension. However I’m having problems.
It works as far as allowing me to see various Tunein stations, but when I choose a station to listen to I get an error “could not find album with URI …”
The URI that Iris is linking to is of the form - http://myIP:6680/iris/album/tunein%3Astation%3As8439
What am I doing wrong?

I have the same problem with Iris, however if I open and play Tunein from Musicbox-Webclient it plays just fine, I can then control it from Iris as well as select other stations to listen to.

I don’t know what Iris is doing with the album URI, a backend’s URIs should not be interpreted by anything other than the backend. I think you should raise this on the Iris issue tracker and try to find out what it’s doing.

It’s also worth noting that albums in tunein are a bit of a bodge, there are mainly there to support the idea of a consistent shared station for related radio shows. Perhaps the album idea doesn’t extend everywhere in the backend.

It seems that Iris doesn’t support Tunein. I moved to Cantata and managed to play Tunein stations from there using it as a mpd remote client.
By saving a station in Cantata as a favourite it popped up back in Iris as a playlist, which means I can now access it through Iris.