A guide Passthrough to configure Mopidy

I just need a guide or a video or something that help me to understand what i have to expect and how make it work. I have managed to install it on my unRAID NAS, but i can’t to do anything else. Nor even load all my music.

So, i will appreciate any guidance. I’m so noob that I’m not able to imagine what i need.

Thx you all, and sorry if it somehow too offtopic.

Unfortunately we currently don’t provide any documentation in that format/style but I appreciate that is a hole. However, a top hit at google provides this, which seems conherent: https://www.makeuseof.com/turn-your-raspberry-pi-into-a-home-music-server-with-mopidy/

Note that anywhere where it says sudo python3 -m pip install blah you’ll need to do sudo python3 -m pip install --break-system-packages blah on the latest versions of Debian.

Thank you.
Obviously it didn’t work because i’m on unRAID and not RPi, and i’m not as skillfull to understand what i have to do, and the dockers version on unRAID are quite outdated or clunky so… i don’t know how to make it work.
The only thing i’m sure is that the conf, in the docker package, does not edit so it is always loading a default conf.

anyways, i will pass mopidy, even if in certain i need it. thx you and sorry for make you lost your time.

There’s no important difference between pi and unraid.

Good luck

I know.
The most important difference is my knowledge and my skill.
I have manage to run Iris and configure it.
But i cant have Sound, ans everything Is so painful, that i think It is not for me.
Aniways, thx.