Mopidy on Raspios buster

I accidentally damaged mopidy on a rpi that was probably running Jessie.

I am trying to get it working on the latest build of raspios ( buster ), the package in the RPI apt server install mopidy 2.2.1 on python2

I installed Python3 and then tried installing mopidy from pypi, this tries to install mopidy 3.0.2. This does not work mopidy requires Gst 1.0 but the version I find using pip3 is Gst 0.1

So, is there an uptodate howto for RPI buster


The general Debian installation instructions are at and the Raspberry Pi specific instructions are at

You need to make sure you add to your apt sources as that is by far the easiest way to install Mopidy 3.x on Raspbian. Installing Mopidy from pypi is possible and it’s also documented but it’s not necessary for a Debian-based system. I would suggest you undo everything you have done so far and follow our installation instructions.

Some extensions may only be available via pypi and it’s fine to install those alongside Mopidy installed from Most extensions provide instructions on how to install for Python 3 in their README, or you can find them at

I had already and followed those instructions without success, having alreay used the raspberry pi repo, and the pypi route

I then reformatted the sd card and re-installed following the guide, that worked without hitch!

I now have Spotify Playlists - whoopee.

I have just installed google cloud speech, and I am writing some stuff to control selection etc via a USB microphone,


That sounds cool, let us know how you get on. A Mopidy speech frontend sounds interesting.

google cloud speech is quite easy to use, and is quite well doc’d, at the moment I simply get the speech back and do a regexp match with a yaml config file and fire off the appropriate mpc command

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