Won't see HD or USB stick


I tried musicbox on an older pi and really liked it. Since then I have a newer pi with dac and have installed the latest version of musicbox but it will not see my hard drive. The drive has its own power.

I have tried Rune and Volumio and both see the drive no problem but I don’t like the interface of either, which is why I want to use musicbox. But why can these two see my hard drive and not musicbox?

To test this I plugged in a usb stick. Again, rune and volumio see it, but musicbox does not.

What tests can I do to make musicbox see the drives? Is there anything in the config file I have to change? I can see the interface no problem but it is not scanning my drives on startup.

Any clues?


What format is the drive? We currently only support FAT32 and EXT.

My apologies. I’d asked this question a month or so ago and hadn’t seen the reply (HDD not being scanned despite being mounted)

I’m trying to work my way through that thread as I can’t reformat my hard drive. I sometimes use it plugged into my router and my router will only read it if it’s NTFS, so I need to get MusicBox to read NTFS.

If you replace your /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf with the updated one here and reboot you should now have ntfs support.

Edit: I see from the other thread that you have now successfully done this. So hopefully this is solved.