Wolfson audio card

Hi will this work with the Wolfson audio card or do you plan to add support please

The pimusicbox website has a link to zzarbi.tumblr.com/post/101560848034/pi-musicbox-and-wolfson-audio-card. Have you tried that?

ok thanks for your help!

I need help here.
The kernel image recommended by the zzarbi blog post does not work. At least not for the B+. You get the problem that the ethernet & USB do not work.
This was a previous problem that was fixed with newer images and firmware upgrade.

I tried the firmware upgrade and then went back to kernel_wolfson.img wherein we’re back to failed ethernet/usb

I’m stuck here. any help appreciated.

PS. It’s no longer ‘wolfson’ but now ‘cirrus’

I also have this exact same issue. Been working on it for about a day. The wolfson kernel in that article just causes ethernet and wifi to stop working. Anyone got Cirrus and B+ working correctly?