Will spotify connect ever be added?

possibly something like librespot would be really cool so we can just stream from our spotify client, the best would be to add inbuilt bluetooth but that seems to be really hard

Yes. Possibly through librespot or spotify-connect-web both have similar integration issues. The former requires Jessie, the latter has some stability issues.

why adding bluetooth seems to be realy hard ? I’m not using pi musicbox, but instead made my custom “Pi musicbox” based on debian + mopidy. With pulseaudio the bluetooth playback is very simple to do. The only thing missing is the pairing support, there are multiple possibilities. One is to make the musicbox be in pairable mode all the time, but this is propably not very secure … Other possibility is to have phisical button to make musicbox pairable for a while, and the other one possibility is to make some king of web interface for that. I acctualy plan to incorporate this into my smart home controller, so I would be able to make my musicbox pairable from the web interface of my smart home controller.

and yes, the spotify connect would be nice addition, but if You use iris web interface, the spotify connect is actually no more needed. Iris delivers almost all features of the mobile spotify client, so instead launching spotify app You can just launch the web browser.

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Is it possible to lunch Iris on Pi MusicBox using that source: https://github.com/jaedb/spotmop ?
As far as I remembered I tried it once but I couldn’t boot Pi anymore after I installed Iris.
Do you have any expirience with iris ?


If you couldn’t boot pi after iris installation it was for sure not because of iris. maybe some system packets were updated and they were failing ?

I don’t know what happend. Anyway, I have found that Iris needs mopidy 2.0 so I got answer and need to wait: https://github.com/pimusicbox/pimusicbox/issues/403