Wifi :unable to connect with a 64 hex password length

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up music box on my pi 3 and I can’t setup the wifi properly. I have a long 64 character length password that I’ve copied on the setting.ini file.
It’s not the first time I have trouble with my long password in linux/raspbian but I’ve always been able to setup by modify wpa_supplicant.conf file by removing the “” at the beginning and at the end of my password.

I’ve even added manually my network info in wpa_supplicant.conf with no luck.
I know that is not a problem with my pi, I’ve tested with a guest network and everything connect fine. I tried too with a wifi dongle (EW-7811Un).

So, if someone has experienced something similar and can help me figuring out that be awesome.


Thanks for this report, deffinitely a bug as we always force quotes around the psk value. I did not know this:

# psk: WPA preshared key; 256-bit pre-shared key 
# The key used in WPA-PSK mode can be entered either as 64 hex-digits, i.e., 
# 32 bytes or as an ASCII passphrase (in which case, the real PSK will be 
# generated using the passphrase and SSID). ASCII passphrase must be between 
# 8 and 63 characters (inclusive). 
# This field is not needed, if WPA-EAP is used. 
# Note: Separate tool, wpa_passphrase, can be used to generate 256-bit keys 
# from ASCII passphrase. This process uses lot of CPU and wpa_supplicant 
# startup and reconfiguration time can be optimized by generating the PSK only 
# only when the passphrase or SSID has actually changed.

So for you to hack it working, open up /opt/musicbox/startup.sh remove the quotes on line 101 so it ends up like this:


And I need to fix it so when the length of $INI__network__wifi_password is greater than 63 characters we don’t quote it.

Thanks a lot!! It’s working perfectly now.

Great. I’ve fixed it in our source code too. https://github.com/pimusicbox/pimusicbox/issues/421