Why am I still able to play music on my Spotify app?

I have used mopidy-spotify+ncmpcpp for the first time, and everything is working fine I love it so much, but there is one weird thing. Even while playing music on my Mopidy server, nothing shows up on my Spotify app? And I’m also able to play music on the app without Mopidy getting interrupted. Basically I can play two different music with the same Spotify account.

Is this normal? My guess was that Mopidy downloads the music from Spotify, but it doesn’t work when offline.

Mopidy-Spotify uses Spotify’s original library which predates the Connect functionality in their modern apps. It’s Connect that allows different instances to talk to each other. We simply don’t support that (currently).

I believe it’s also this difference in systems (old vs new) which means you can have playback on both Mopidy-Spotify (old) and the official Spotify apps (new) at the same time. But, you can’t have playback on two instances of Mopidy-Spotify at the same time, at least last time I checked.

Mopidy-Spotify doesn’t support offline playback and doesn’t download music.

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