Using Mopidy going sleep and as alarm clock

Hello, I want to use Mopidy installed on Raspberry Pi as music to sleep with auto pause at 2 a.m., is it possible? Currently I am using cron with service mopidy restart but this is not greatest solution + it’s resetting app (e.g. volume). Also is there anywhere working addon with alarm clock?

You can use mpc to pause/play/whatever instead of restarting the process. Cron seems like a decent solution but there is also a mopidy alarm clock extension knocking around somewhere. I’m sure it’d turn up in a Google search.

Sorry to say, alarm apps tends to act unpredictable and could let you down when you least expect it by randomly changing time or switching from a.m to p.m. So basically, classic alarm clocks are more reliable and it almost never happen that you would be late because of them.
If you agree, you might check or other places to find it.