Mopidy - play file on regular intervals


I am using Mopidy on an Ubuntu machine with Iris and Snapcast and I have a number of Snapcast clients connected. Is it possible to have Mopidy play a file each n seconds? Currently I am thinking of doing that by adding a file with n seconds of silence in a playlist with the file that needs to be played. Obviously that’s not a good approach.

Could you point me into the right direction please.


Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve - is this to break into an existing playlist with an announcement or just to play a file.
If it’s the latter you could use cron and mpc.
The alarm clock here gives some ideas on using mpc and cron

I just want to play a file each n seconds, like an announcement, and that’s all. I’ve installed mpc but still can’t get it to work with Mopidy.

mpc and cron sounds like a good idea to me. Make sure you install Mopidy-MPD also.