MusicBox as AlarmClock

Anyone done this before? I waited a long time for a spotify alarm clock which works and this would be the solution.

There are a couple of alarm clock mopidy extensions. One of which is Should work just fine.

Thanks. I will try it out! :slight_smile:

Is there also a alarm clock that uses google calendar to decide on the time to wake me up? Would be great if I could just add an appointment with a specific name such as “Mopidy alarm” that will be used to decide the time to wake me up. The next step for me would be to have mopidy on my raspberry pi start rising 2 pwm outputs on the gpio pins (start half an hour before actual alarm) so I can have a wake-up light alarm with good music… :smiley:

edit: Could be similar to this:
edit2: The code of the link above might nog work anymore, probably this one works (unreliable it seems…)