Raspberry pi musicbox changing network


I’m a noob, and not a native english speaker, so bare with me. I’ve searched the forum and didn’t find my question, so here goes nothing…

I’m trying to implement the pi musicox in an old radio and I was wondering if there is an easy way to change the name of the SSID and password in setup.ini with a smartphone.
For example, I’m going camping and don’t have my computer with me on the trip and I want to connect my musicbox to the wifi network of the camping. How do I change the settings in settings.ini ?

Sorry but that’s not currently possible. There is a future plan to start a wifi hotspot if the wifi network is unavailable/unconfigured so you could then connect to that and set your actual WiFi network through websettings on your phone etc. I’ve not gotten around to that yet but I don’t think it’d be too difficult to integrate once someone had a look.

I assume you want to configure to use a different wifi network.

We at woluxi have developed a solution for doing this, in short.

  1. install the package wifiprovisioning
  2. download the woluxi wifi provisioning app to your mobile phone
    more info can be found here.


It is not a part of the distro, hence some extra steps are needed.