Use Mopidy to build a Raspberry Pi-based Spotify Control Center?

Hi there, please let me know if I can do the following with Mopidy:

I want to attach a tiny touchscreen to my Raspberry Pi 4 and use it to browser Spotify and then play music on my Sonos speakers.

Basically I would like to build a Raspberry Pi powered Spotify control center. I do not wish to play Music directly on the Raspberry Pi nor do I intend to attach speakers directly to the pi.

I would like to use the Pi to build a control center that lets me play music on other devices (Sonos) in the house as well as control Philips Hue light bulbs.

No, not really. Presumably Sonos support Spotify-Connect but Mopidy-Spotify has zero support for Spotify-Connect so that’s a dead-end. Maybe sonos can play arbitrary streams but that’s a bit of a cludge. I don’t think Mopidy fits your use-case and you’d be better off with some touchscreen client for librespot, I’ve no idea what’s available for that.

Have you looked at Home Assistant? That has integrations for both Sonos and Philips Hue.

I was not aware of Home Assistant. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Looks great.

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