USB 7.1 Surround Sound Card not working

Hey there,

I connected my rapsy to an USB 7.1 Surround Sound Card. The card is recognized correct but sound_test c8 only plays sound at Front Left and Right(Stereo). Also if I play sound from the webinterface, the front speakers are working, the others just play the low frequeces.

I found an solution that worked for an similar way but don’t know how to adapt it to pimusicbox:

Can someone help me with this? It would be totally fine to mirror the sound from the front left to side and rear left and front right to side and rear right and center. Can you tell me where I do have to input these options?

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You would to put that asound config in the system-wide version of that file which lives at /etc/asound.conf. However, pimusicbox overwrites that file every time you boot as part of it’s startup scripts so this won’t work for you without some fiddling. The easiest way is just to prevent the sound setup script from running by commenting out the line in /opt/musicbox/ Do this by changing:

. /opt/musicbox/


#. /opt/musicbox/

Then put your custom asound file at /etc/asound.conf. You probably need to edit the bit

#Define the soundcard to use
pcm.snd_card {
    type hw
    card 2
    device 0

to use the correct card number. You can get the correct card number by running aplay -l on your system.

Holy god :smiley: this did the trick. Thx. I needed to add the Environment after it to the dmix8 and BOOM sound-test -c8 -test.wav plays nice on all speakers :smiley: .

THX four your help :slight_smile: Now I’m working to get spotify running. Seems like special characters inside name and password are not really healthy for musicbox ^^’

Best regards! And many thx!