UPnP doesn't work


I try to play audio files on my plex via musicbox but sems that UPnP doen’t work. On musicbox, I can’t see any audio files present on plex. On my amplifier (Denon 3500) I can reproduce it without any problem.

Could you help me?


Did you enable the upnp service? it’s disabled by default.

Yes of course.

And I have problem with spotify as well. DOesn’t support playlist, so if you doen’t have a premium account…doesn’t work?

It is impossible to implement it directly, as output device inside the mobile app? I mean… if I want to stream spotify music from the phone (spotify connect?), I can trough airplay… but not directly with the spotify app.

I did some test. Spotify connect is not reliable… and when the device show up into spotify… is ‘in grey’ …available just for premium account.


If you are asking if Spotify support is only available with a premium account, then the answer is yes.