Turn Pi to into FM Transmitter and use FM as output


this looks interesting for e.g. using a raspi in a car without a AUX connector:
Any idea whether this might fit as output method into pimusicbox?

Any thoughts on this? I’d love to hear if there’s some possibility to use the raspi as an streaming FM transmitter! :slight_smile:

WOW, I didn’t know that You can make a FM radio transmitter out of gpio pin ! :smiley: LOL
I think that to make it work with mopidy You need just set the autio output to some file and pipe that file to the pifm script.

Hm, sounds easy! Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea of a code snippet regarding how to set the output to a file and then to pifm? I’m still kinda lost here :smiley:

You need to be careful when implementing something like this, it may not be legal in your country. I really have no idea why that page doesn’t have the appropriate warning, they should know better.

luckily, it’s allowed in my country. And the transmitter would not be sending its signal over the whole city, I guess.

however: given that there’s an appropriate warning and I’m sure I may do this: How could this be done within PiMusicbox, software-wise?

the audio output is set in mopidy.conf, search on the forum how to do it. this part should be very similar to what is needed to setup snapcast with mopidy: https://github.com/badaix/snapcast/blob/master/doc/player_setup.md#mopidy. for the second part i believe that this should make it work:
cat [mopidy output file] | sudo ./pifm -

I did it some time ago, I used some code to make a virtual input device and then routed a virtual output to the input and let pifmrds transmit from this virtual input device

Cool, thanks guys for your feedback, nice to hear that this really works! :slight_smile: Need to pick up my raspi and really try that out.

@Niekert: Do you know the needed code?

And is it possible to add this as a setting in the interface somehow?