Can I stream the music via FM transmitter using Raspberry Pi?

Hey everyone,
I’m not sure whether this is the right place to post, but anyways I’ll go on with it. I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place though.

So here is the thing, I want to be able to use raspberry Pi as a FM transmitter to stream music from spotify,soundcloud etc.
I have seen some articles on making Raspberry Pi into a FM transmitter. But is it possible for me to transmit even spotify and similar online music through it?
Can anyone guide me or refer me to some resources?
I’m working on this as a project . Thank you! Hoping for the best .

You can stream all types of music and audio (talking books, speech’s etc from internet archive) for spotify you will need a premium account.
I don’t know about making your pi into an fm transmitter - there was a similar question asked a month ago, personally I would just buy one of the cheap plug in transmitters plug it into the earphone socket and power it from one of the pi’s usb ports. It gives good coverage up to 30 feet and it’s easy to change frequency if necessary. Before using snapcast I used one of these throughout the flat.
You also need to be aware that turning your pi into an fm transmitter is not legal in some countries.