Track_playback_ended event not emited after last track on tracklist


i am using the mopidy api for my multriroom audio project. I am using mopidy.js. Everything works as expected except at the end of a tracklist.

I am not getting the “event:trackPlaybackEnded” event when the last track of the tracklist ended.But the event is emitted for all tracks before the last track.

Now the curious part, when the next command is sent (e.g. previous track) the “event:trackPlaybackEnded” appears followed by the current expected event.

Can anyone confirm the behavior? I am not sure if this is related to mopidy.js or to the mopidy core.


I think I had this issue a couple of years ago when I was using Snapcast. I can’t remember if the issue was with Snapcast or the older version of Mopidy.
Are you using Snapcast and the latest version of Mopidy?

I am using the latest Snapcast version and Mopidy 3.2.0. I am wondering how it could be related to Snapcast. How can Snapcast influence Mopidy? Is the fifo bidirectional?

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