Listening to AudioListener reached_end_of_stream


I am new in scirpting with mopidy and did not find way to listen to an end of stream event.
I would like to react on reaching the end of a playlist.
The Audio API gives a solution by using the AudioListener (reached_end_of_stream)
But how can I access this Listener by using Python?
The MopidyAPI or JSON RPC API can handle event listening but just for some core events, not for audio events.

Could you give me some useful hints?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, the Mopidy Core API only exposes the Core API. I am not sure why we don’t have a Core tracklist_ended event but it sounds like a good feature request. As it stands, you cannot access that event.

Yes. The core API is no solution atm.

But is it possible to work with the Audio API esp. the AudioListener in any way with python?

Otherwise I habe to wait for implememting this feature after requesting for it.

You could probably do so if you were writing a Mopidy frontend. But only the Core API is accessible via JSON RPC. If you want to reduce the wait, you could also implement the feature? Presumably there isn’t much to it.

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