The Pi MusicBox stream page on a small touchscreen


After some modifications made more than two and a half year ago already, for which I am still very greatful
(check: Categories etc. in Streams section, is there a roadmap? (Plus, a bonus picture of my Pi MusicBox :P ) ),
I have a new (related) question…

For a while now, I have this Pi with a touchscreen in my living room. This is a separate Pi. This is NOT the Pi MusicBox-Pi . The purpose of this screen is to display practical information.

I recently decided that it would be handy if I could also control Pi MusicBox from this screen.
What you see here is Pi MusicBox displayed in an old school iframe, on the screen of the living room Pi:

(For those interested, this is what the actual touchscreen device looks like: )

Technically speaking; this works. I can change what stream is playing on Pi MusicBox.

But what I would like, is to have it start at the stream-page, also skipping the whole ‘save URL’ thing just above the actual streams list. Unfortunately http://musicbox.local/#stream does not work here. An iframe does not do anything with anchor elements like #stream. Besides, even if that would work, there is still the ‘save URL’ thing that I don’t need because of the manually edited stream list discussed in the above topic I linked to.

The question… I have been using Pi MusicBox for years now, but have always controlled it via the smartphone (or laptop, incidentally). Is there a way to directly display just the streams part, without having to go through the Pi MusicBox menu each time, so I can use it on this touchscreen? :smiley: