Support for unsecured wireless networks


at work i have open wifi network that does not require a password to log onto
it takes you to a splash page for you to put in a email address and then let you have access to the internet

can i use pimusicbox in this set using a wifi dongle i.e a username name and open connection

is there a way around this



The current version (v0.6) does not support unsecured wireless networks and it would involve a bit of hacking to make it work. It will be supported in the next release. But then you’d still need to somehow authorise the device by visiting the webpage and entering your email which will be rather tricky since musicbox doesn’t ship with a graphical desktop or browser. Perhaps there is a terminal based web browser you can use to accomplish this?

Hi thanks

The fax for getting around the splash page is simple we can authorise
access to the Internet via its mac address

Any idea how long the next version will be

Thanks for a superb product


The next release is mainly just a (long overdue) update to the latest version of Mopidy and various long-standing bug fixes, including this one. It should have been out already but I’ve just been a bit too busy to make much progress with testing. I expect something will get out there in the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to change the title of this thread to something more revealing.

Great thanks would you be able to ping me a email when it’s released



There will be announcements on the mailing list, on here and
facebook/@PiMusicBox. I can’t promise I’ll remember to email you directly
but hopefully you’ll see one of the above at least.

Hi one quick query I have a rpi on a fixed ethernet line with a ip of does this device need access to the Internet I.e white
listed for it to connect to my phone which is white listed I’m not sure if
my it dept have white listed the rpi or if it’s another problem


I’m not sure I understand what you mean regarding “white listed for it to connect to my phone”. Musicbox requires a working internet connection to play any non-local music and musicbox webclient (still) uses for cover art.

hi me again

how do i set a static ip for the RPI



I believe this particular part of the manual is still valid for v0.6: