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Stream/browse Bandcamp

Hi there.

Does anybody have tried to play Bandcamp media through mopidy?
Is there some extention or a Web client who could browse it?
Even after manually copying an url…

Thank you.

Bandcamp used to provide an API that would have made writing a Mopidy extension feasible, but that’s no longer supported:
There is a new API, but that only covers the “business” side for artists and labels, AFAICS.
To me, this looks like they want people to use the Bandcamp Web site and mobile app exclusively.

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Thank you for the answer.

Not the one I was hoping :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad. :cry:

Indeed too bad. I have many friends who shares their amateur music on bandcamp, and blocking an open API is only bad for indie music, new groups and of course for bandcamp itself…

It seems that there is an bandcamp API again:
Maybe there’s hope again to integrate it into mopidy.

I don’t see a streaming API, unfortunately it doesn’t look useful for us.

Right. That’s unfortunate. My bad for not looking close enough. (I see that also tkem mentioned that above.)
There is, however, an inofficial attempt (last commit: 2015):

Hey all!

Some of you are probably already aware of this, but there’s a new add-on for mopidy mopidy-bandcamp, that allows for playing music off Bandcamp in your mopidy instance! I just installed it a couple of days ago and everything is working as expected, at least for now! This is super awesome news for me, so I thought I’d share also here!

Here’s the project: