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Jamendo Extension

I’m thinking of creating a Jamendo extension for mopidy. Its music selection is limited to smaller artists, but streaming is offered for free.

There also seems to be an API which looks like a great starting point for the extension.

I did not find anything related to this platform in mopidy’s forum/documentation. Is there a reason why it is not implemented already? Do you think it would be a sensible addition to the ecosystem?
Edit: Jamendo was mentioned once in github .com/mopidy/mopidy/issues/1021 (can’t include more than two links as a new user), which proposes support for wiki.gnome .org/Projects/Grilo. Maybe I would even try to implement Mopidy-Grilo if I can wrap my head around the project.

The reason for this consideration is that I would like to create an online demo for my music server Raveberry, but streaming licensed music publicly would probably not be the best idea. With a Jamendo extension, this problem could be avoided. Projects with a similar plan could profit from this as well.

I haven’t heard of Jamendo. You may well be the first person to have the idea.
If their API offers browsing, searching and playback, then it shouldn’t be a problem. No one will build it unless they will use it themselves though. So, if it’s going to be useful to you, you should build it.