Stopping Spotify hammering broadband connection?

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but when using Spotify on PiMusicBox, broadband gets hammered.

I’ve done a bit of digging around and forums seem to suggest that when you use Spotify on other devices other than a mobile, it is actually a peer 2 peer service, so you’re effectively uploading your content to others. Just wondered if others has found this to be true.

My router is a bit lame in terms of software functionality - would there be a way of blocking Spotify from uploading from within PiMusicbox - or the Pi itself?

I can’t say I’ve ever noticed this.

Musicbox v0.6 has the Spotify cache disabled so you’d think this would prevent any uploads. You could try adding some extra outgoing rules to the iptables firewall and block any connections that way. Are you able to check that it’s definitely musicbox to blame here?

As far as I know, the P2P functionality in Spotify is only part of the official desktop clients and not libspotify, which Mopidy and Pi Musicbox uses. libspotify is also good at caching the music, so you won’t need to redownload a track you’ve recently listened to.

If you find that Spotify still uses too much bandwidth, set the spotify/bitrate config to 96 or 160 instead of 320.