Starting script from client (HDMI-CEC)

I have Mopidy 3.1.1 installed on a Raspberry PI Model 3B+ (RP3) with my music files on the SD-card.
The RP3 is connected to my Samsung QLED7 TV via HDMI. The TV is connected to a Samsung soundbar with an optical cable and is turned on when the TV set is turned on.
I also have my setup box (cable-TV) and Chromecast connected to the TV using HDMI.

Both my setup box and Chromecast starts up and switches to the active HDMI-channel when they are activated (using HDMI-CEC commands). The RP3 does the same when it’s rebooted.

Using a script I’m able to send HDMI-CEC commands from RP3 to the TV to activate the TV and switch to the active HDMI-channel while the RP3 is running.

I’m using Mopidy Mobile to control playback, selecting songs and so on.
Is there any way I could trigger the script to run when I start Mopidy Mobile so that the TV is activated, the HDMI-channel is switched on and I could enjoy my music via the soundbar ?

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