Controlling mopidy from terminal command line

I have a new mopidy installation with shairport-sync installed as well on a rpi3. I am trying to find a way to stop mopidy playing when an airplay stream is sent to the pi. I know I can do it via the shairport config file but I cant figure out the command that needs to be sent.

I know I am supposed to use mpc - but do I need to install mpc seperately on top of mopidy? After install do I need to point mpc to mopidy? Or is there a way to interact with mopidy directly from the command line?

mpc is an entirely separate program, so yes you need to install it.

You can specify a port and host when you use mpc ( but the defaults should be fine since both programs running on the same system i.e. mpc stop.

Thank you. I was doing something silly on the installation which stopped me from getting this working. Easy enough fix.