Tip: Play from playlist at startup

This is i fundamental thing for how I want my piradio so I’m glad I finally made it work and I’ve seen questions about making something like this work.

The idea of my radio is that it plays from a list of streamed radio stations (di.fm, rockradio, philosomatika et.c) and that it should start playing right away without the need of any buttons clicked or a second interface like a phone. Mopidy only adds a secondary layer with that I can play stuff from Google Music and Soundcloud.

What I did was to install mpc:

sudo apt-get install mpc

With that I can check if anything is already playing, it wont be at startup but I added this anyway. If nothing is playing the que will be cleared and the playlist of choice will be added and played instead. I added “sleep” to wait for Mopidy to start and maybe I could have done with less time but 45 seconds is what it takes for my adafruit lcd to display stuff.

The script:


sleep 45  # Waits 45 seconds.
if mpc status | awk 'NR==2' | grep playing; then
  echo "Already playing, do nothing"
  # Nothing is playing
  echo "--Play playlist--"
  echo "-----------------"
  mpc clear
  mpc load streams
  mpc play

“streams” is the name of the playlist.
I would like to invert the grep so I don’t need the “do nothing” part, if so I will change my script.

And then I added this at the end of my crontab:

@reboot sh /home/pi/autoplay.sh &
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It should also be noted that you need to have the Mopidy-MPD extension for this to work.