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Spotify w/ AdBlocker?

I see the shitstorm coming … still I have to ask: Is there any option to make the Spotify extension with an AdBlocker?

I’m listening to Spotify through the Spotify web player in Chrome on a MacBook Pro with a free, unpaid account. The uBlock Origin Ad Blocker in Chrome reliably blocks the audio commercials, so it basically works like a paid account.

I don’t understand what you are asking. Mopidy-Spotify doesn’t have anything to do with your web browser. It also doesn’t work with free accounts (nor will it). So, what are you asking?

If you are asking, if Mopidy-Spotify will be made to work with free accounts, the answer is no. We use libspotify for playblack and that does not support free accounts.

I’m a total Mopidy NOOB, so unaware how Spotify on Mopidy exactly works.

It would have been nice if it could act as web player, thus sees the URLs of the individual streams and identify (and block those) which are commercials.

I didn’t read this thread entirely but aren’t you deprecating libspotify? Any chance that whichever successor supports free accounts (and blocks ads)?

You can answer: „That’s unethical.“ I can understand that standpoint.

No, we still use libspotify. Paid accounts only.