Spotify extension not running

So i install Mopidy using the instructions for installing on debian

Then ran it as a service like this:

I can see that it is up and running.
I then installed the web iris extension.

Then I installed the spotify extenstion by first searching for extensions:
apt search mopidy

Saw Spotify, installed it.

I open the webbrowser and go to the adress of my computer and I see Mopidy, i go on iris and then settings. Then I see Spotify, I add a account and log in. But it says that the extension is not running.

Google to me here:

I click authenticate. Did that. The app shows up in my Spotify account. But the extension is still not running. I have rebooted the Mopidy service as well.

Looking at the bottom of the config file I see the config for Spotify has all # and there is nothing under username, password, client id etc. Looking at the extension guide it says to enter Client ID from mopidy. But I can’t find it anywhere. And it dosen’t automatically add it to the config using that authenticate button.

And it dosen’t automatically add it to the config using that authenticate button.

Correct. It does not auotmatically add it to your local config file, that is not possible (thankfully).

You need to authenticate at and after the pop up closes, the client_id and client_secret values you need will appear on that page exactly in the place where it says they will. You then take those values and manually add them to the service config file at /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf along with your username and password which you already know.

Any lines starting with a ‘#’ character that you have decided to add to your /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf are considered comments and will be ignored. Remove the leading ‘#’ character to stop treating them as comments. There should not be any lines like that unless you decided to add them for some reason. To see the effective config (taking into account Mopidy’s defaults and ignoring any comments etc), run sudo mopidyctl config as explained in the documentation.