How to use Mopidy Spotify extension

So I am trying to play music using the mopidy spotify extension. I have it installed with all the dependencies, I have it logging into my premium spotify account. But now i dont know how to actually make it play music. Can anyone plz help me with that? I cant seem to find any documentation to it. If anyone could give me a link to some or just show me how to play the music I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

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First of all, make sure that the Spotify extension is enabled in your config. Next, open a client of some sort, web client for example, while you’re browsing the mopidy folders using the client there should be a ‘Spotify’ folder with everything else, that’s where it will be.

Also, and maybe crucially, install some webclient with pip install something. You can get a list (of the ones we know about) at