Error in Spotify backend

I get some errors when I try to play music from Spotify through mopidy. It was just recently it started to produce errors, so I am wondering if you know how to fix this issue? Did Spotify change its backend?

Here is the error:

I am using Node.js, and calling the following code:[{"any":["hjerteknuser"]},["local:","spotify:"]]).then(function(res){
            console.log("result: ",res);

Spotify has, without warning, turned off an API that seems to provide the search part of the libspotify API, something noone outside Spotify knew. This affects both Mopidy-Spotify, lots of other projects and even “smart” receivers.

Thank you for the information! One part of me is happy because my code is not wrong, but another part is sad because there is nothing I can do to fix it :disappointed_relieved:

I hope they will turn their API back on!

I see that you have updated the mopidy-spotify to use spotify’s web-api. Thanks!

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