Spotify, multiple IPs log in


I have installed successfully mopidy on my Raspberry Pi, it is running fine with Spotify connectivity.

However, i have a question related to Spotify policy regarding multiple IPs. Obviously, simulatenous sessions with differents IPs are not allowed.

So my question is: Is Mopidy stays logged in Spotify when not used ?

If i let Mopidy running (with no playback), leave home and use Spotify on my phone over 3G, is it OK ?

Thanks for your help !

It remains logged in as long as Mopidy is running. As soon as you try to start playback on a second device it will stop playing on the first device. This is all built into Spotify, it’s completely fine.

OK nice, thanks for your quick reply !

Just don’t let your teenage daughter have the details - I spent ages trying to find why my connection kept dropping out when I got home for lunch, blamed Virgin, bought new wifi dongle, tried different router, then in school holidays no problem at all, realized she was entertaining the Sixth form on my Spotify account. Gone to uni now with her own student account.

It’s taken a while but I have successfully trained my other half to set the client on her ipad to offline mode when we find ourselves in back and forth fights over the play token. It’s almost a fun game.