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Spotify login error: <ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8>

I’ve been experiencing connection issues to Spotify for the past 4 hours:

May 31 15:40:29 turing mopidy[11198]: ERROR    2021-05-31 15:40:29,545 [11198:SpotifyEventLoop] spotify.session
May 31 15:40:29 turing mopidy[11198]:   Spotify login error: <ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8>
May 31 15:40:29 turing mopidy[11198]: INFO     2021-05-31 15:40:29,859 [11198:SpotifyBackend-8] mopidy_spotify.web
May 31 15:40:29 turing mopidy[11198]:   Logged into Spotify Web API as 1166720951

It seems that the connection through libspotify fails, but the one through the web API succeeds.

As a result, I can see the list of playlists in my MPD client but I can’t load nor play any of the items.

I have tried to refresh my Spotify client ID/secret - still no luck.

Requests to succeed, and Spotify works both from the desktop and mobile apps.

Is anybody else experiencing similar issues? Could it be related to a temporary outage of some local Spotify backend used by libspotify?

I’m also having same issues as of today afternoon. I’m hoping it’s nothing too critical going on with libspotify.

It seems this has happened before.

The issue seems solved now, I just had to restart a bunch of Mopidy instances that had dead Spotify sessions and everything worked again.

I’ve seen this problem in the past, it was usually related to short-lived Spotify outages. The things that spooked me this time have been both the duration (libspotify failed to connect for at least 6 hours) and the fact that in the previous occurrences the Spotify apps also had login/session issues, while this time everything worked fine on the app side.

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