Spotify login error: ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8

Hi there,

I keep getting this error:
ERROR Spotify login error: <ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8>

I am running mopidy on a raspberry pi v3.

Any idea where this comes from ?
This is weird because I am able to ping from my raspberry

Same here… All the sudden mopidy Spotify stopped working…
2016-11-25 07:32:54,784 INFO [512:SpotifyEventLoop] mopidy_spotify.backend: Logged in to Spotify in offline mode
2016-11-25 07:35:51,457 ERROR [512:SpotifyEventLoop] spotify.session: Spotify connection error: <ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8>
2016-11-25 07:35:51,464 INFO [512:SpotifyEventLoop] mopidy_spotify.backend: Logged in to Spotify in offline mode"

did something changed at Spotify?

@Ivo_Toby, I’m not seeing any issues with login right now. It may be a region specific problem with the Spotify service.

@charli-polo, are you still seeing an issue? Are you sure your login details are correct.

In both cases it’s worth checking you can access Spotify via their official clients.

Sorry for the delay, the error is now corrected, and I must confess I don’t know exactly what was the issue ! It might be on my side, so anyway, I will close the subject.

I got similar error this week:
ERROR Spotify connection error: <ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8>
INFO Logged in to Spotify in offline mode

Spotify does not log in online. Account and identification should be fine.

I reinstalled all mopidy related packages, but no effect. Running on rasberry pi 3

Solved! My debit card had been expired and although I still could use my account via my phone app (for a month), I could not login to the spotify server with mopidy’s spotify extension. Once I updated my card info and fetched new client_id, spotify works fine on my pi :slight_smile:

Wow that’s a weird one! Thanks for updating us, I’m sure somebody else will run into it.

I have the same problem lately. My credentials are ok, my credit card info as well, my Spotify client works normally. Mopidy-spotify used to work until some weeks ago, and all the sudden I get the “ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8” error. Is anyone else in that situation?

Yeah I get the same problem, not consistently but when I do get it the playback dies and I get multiple “ERROR Spotify connection error: <ErrorType.UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_SERVER: 8>” Any ideas?