SoundCloud token issues

First off, this is an awesome project and I’ve been pretty happy with my little Raspy Pi B. Have it hooked up to an old Klipsch 2.1 and awaaaaaay I’ve gone.

The only weird thing is that I have been having issues with SoundCloud… Every time I reboot (or had a power flux) I have to run back to SoundCloud and get a new token. Works like a champ till then. Did not know if this was a normal issue with SoundCloud or not…

Haven’t seen this in other forums (or on the GitHub issues page) for the mopidy-soundcloud module. Anyone else having this issue? Or does anyone have an idea what I might be able to do about it - other than buy an UPS for the RPi (would be just too cute danging off of a dedicated UPS).


no problem with that over here. strange. Did you include the token in the ini-file? Otherwise no idea.